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Hello readers, now I’m sitting down in front of computer in my lovely library. today i just wanna share to you about my emotional experience while yesterday, from the morning until the midnight. yesterday is a really great day to me. not only about my pleasant and pleasant life, but also about my comprehension about something that happen to me. enjoy read my story .


in the morning, I have many spirit to do my research and take a bath in the early morning. it is not usual for me because almost every day i’m really lazy to take a bath early. usually, in that time I m still sleep in my comfortable bed. hehe.. okay, back to the story :). well, after finish every home task, Im ready to go to public library. but in the way, I meet troubles and make me cry. I hate this trouble, unfinished business i ever have. my planning to go to public library has cancel by my tears. i dont know what to do. in that condition, i received a messages from kaka. he ask me to guide him to buy some muslim cloth in Rabbani Dipatiukur. without thing more longer, I accept that and go shopping to Rabbani shop.


i arrived in rabbani shop in qobla zuhur. on the way to that place, many things we discuss and we share. but he never ask me the reason which make me cry.


sorry, I can write another plot. someone has come 🙂

I need to meet him.

to be continued

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